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Our team is composed of a consortium of epidemiologists, engineers, data scientists, digital privacy evangelists, professors and researchers from reputable institutions, including: MIT, Harvard, The Mayo Clinic, TripleBlind, EyeNetra, Ernst & Young and Link Ventures.


Main Contact: Ramesh Raskar, MIT

Faculty team: Sandy Pentland, Kent LarsonKevin Esvelt 

Mentors: Amandeep Gill (I-DAIR), Bernardo Mariano Jr (WHO), Brian McClendonDon Rucker (HHS), and Subbu Subramanian

Faculty Mentors: Ronald L. Rivest, Yael T. Kalai, Daniel J. Weitzner, Hal Abelson, Jonathan Gruber, Nickolai Zeldovich,  and Adi Shamir.

Research Mentors: Yoshua Bengio (MILA), Richard Janda (McGill), John Halamka (Mayo Clinic) 




Collaborator Projects 


CoVidActNow is a visualization of how interventions affect the impact of Corona Virus across each US State and County.

CovidWatch is providing open-source Bluetooth proximity data in an anonymized way and working with CoEpi for community epidemiology.

OpenMined is providing free open-source support to protect their user's data privacy.

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